Training and Assessment Support Services

TASS UK is a not for profit company set up to help staff, trainers & employers in the health & social care sectors

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TASS provides access to training materials and assessment processes specifically designed to help candidates for qualifications achieve their award.

In 2013 TASS is a Lead Partner in the UK for the European Care Certifcate (ECC) along with SCIE and ARC. We are all working with AIM Awards to have the ECC (or, as it must be called in the UK because of national regulations, the Award in European Care) accredited by Ofqual and placed on the European Qualifications Framework. The ECC is now available in 16 states in the EU and is designed to help new entrants (and experienced but unqualified workers) demonstrate key knowledge at induction level.

The ECC is awarded after passing an exam (online or paper based) which TASS can organise for trainers, employers or workers.  This tests the worker's knowledge of the Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes (BESCLO).  This covers eight areas of essential knowledge agreed by the ECC Board covering 16 states which all new workers need to know in order work safely in health or social care.  The BESCLO covers:

  • The Values of Social Care

  • Promote Life Quality for the Individuals you support

  • Working with Risk 

  • Understand your Role as a Care Worker

  • Safety at Work

  • Communicating Positively

  • Recognise and Respond to Abuse and Neglect

  • Develop as a worker

For further information about the ECC please go to www.eccertificate.eu or contact TASS at the addresses below.

TASS UK is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England. Company Number 4722185. Registered Office: Blakelow, Bar Rd, Baslow DE45 1SF 
Directors: JW Houghton (chair); PE Bradley;  D Furze.    Company Secretary:  WJC Churchill. 
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